Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Carol for Queriers

Miss Snark's First Victim had a writerly Christmas carol re-writing contest, and Janet Reid sharply identified this entry as pants-wettingly funny.

Here are the rest of the entries; pretty hilarious all around.


Jill Edmondson said...

OH GAWD!!! All of those songs are now stuck in my head. Run face first into a brick wall. Pass the hemlock.

"Baby It's Cold Outside" will nver be the same for me ... and "The 12 Days of Query"... ouch ouch ouch!

Hilarious posts! Love it!


Kenny said...

Oh, wow. "NOvEL QUERY" has me in stitches. Thanks for sharing. d^_^b

Rebecca Knight said...

Today, Janet Reid has a link to an incredibly talented kid actually *singing* the 12 Rules of Queries! You can't miss it :).